Thursday, January 21, 2016

Surprise Birthday Box

I'm a simple girl who wants simple things. But sometimes you came about wanting more like cellphones, gadgets and gaming devices as you grow up. Others like signature bags or shirts that is easily bought in the stores. During holidays or birthdays or any occasions, simple cards are not used anymore. The thought, the words and the message of how much you care for a person is slowly dying down. But I hope it will not, maybe we can do something to pump it up. 

There is an art project that I saw one day on Facebook and it caught my attention and dreamed of doing it. Personally I might say, I'm not into arts and crafts, for me its time consuming, when you can just pick up a shoe or shirt or whatever. Anyway I don't have someone to give that kind of gift to. Then when the time comes a person comes along and their birthday is coming up, I said to myself, I think now is the time to make this.

And so I bought the materials needed for this surprise box, which by the way I watched in YouTube. Click on this link ---> and started making it. At first I thought I can make it that day, which I'm mistaken (If you think you can, well think twice). 

I made the box for 3 days and 2 nights that made me up till 2 am for the next two days, just to finish the details. Not only I'm following instructions in Portuguese (thank god for the subtitles) but computing for the size of the box in centimeters also gets to me. And with my big hands making the small designs makes it even more harder. But my will  to finish this is very strong. 

Making the box is not hard...thinking of what to put in the box is the hard part. Of course you don't want to copy everything in the video. You want some of your original ideas to be put in it. I'm so proud of finishing it because it is the first arts and crafts that I attempted to make and finished. The time and effort that I put on it makes it special, and to the person you will give it, will appreciate the effort and will love what you've done for their special day.

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