It's More Than Just A Triple Decker

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I wouldn’t call it faith, I wouldn’t call it destiny and definitely I wouldn’t call it luck. I first met Rhian at an event in my province, I was able to get in due to a friend who is also included there. Rhian is just new in Showbiz but I already knew her, there I was able to take a photo with her and amazed at how tall she is, I said “Ang tangkad mo pala?!” and she replied “Haha, hindi po, kunwari lang po” and then we laughed and go on our ways. But that didn’t stop me from looking forward to her projects even if I’m not so into it. Besides she’s the only artist I had ever got a chance to take a photo with up to this day.

Then generally, life happens, as it always is. People come and important people go. I’m on the lowest point of my life when two people from 7 years ago came back in my life. One is my friend and the other one, Rhian Ramos. Although TRMD aired in May, I was able to watch it exactly 1 month later. I was so into that show that I never missed every airing after that. And of course help it trend, funny because my tweets started from 100 for 3 years then became 2000 in a span of 2 months.

Then an opportunity to see Rhian again at a mall show in Montalban paved the way. On that day, where skies are gray and the air is short of being fresh, I was there waiting. Never in my life have I tried to go on a Mall show just to see an artist, even my friends are quite shocked to know that. In that scorching heat, I was bathing in my own sweat and its like I just came from a 10 km run! but I never cared, all I want is to see Rhian. Then I got to share this to Rhian on her facebook page and got a reply, she said “Haha, I can imagine how going to your first mallshow could be a different and nerve-racking experience. Hope you enjoyed despite the disbelief of your friends  walang basagan hahaha”. What a joy! I was at a mall that day when I read it and I was jumping up and down and hugged the nearest person beside me! Fortunately that is a friend hahaha.

Social media makes me feel close to Rhian, through her tweets, instagram posts and even facebook video blogs. There I decided to be a proper fan, so I joined CybeRhians. If my life changed 360 degrees well it turned another 360 degrees the other way around in a span of 3 months! When the admins of CybeRhians asked us to create or post a question for Rhian to answer, well I was one of them. I was able to ask her when andr where she is going to Sky Dive, I was so hyped that it was picked and she answered it, that I played that video over and over again, who knows how many! And its so timing because by that weekend I am going to see her again for a Meet and Greet of Rastro Rebels Official.

So I was there seating at the back with the CybeRhians, enjoying myself while Rhian and Glaiza are in front and talking to fans. I was also talking to my co-hunghangs when out of nowhere my name was called! So the fact that the people who will ask questions we’re preselected before it starts suddenly changed and I was picked! What’s going on in my head that time? “What am I going to ask!?” and a lot of curse words of course! You know the feeling of floating while walking towards them and thinking why the hell are you picked and got to ask in front of these people. Well that didn’t go too well, because the second I was there, I was not me! I’m not cool, I’m not relaxed and I’m blurting out words that I don’t even remember! All I remember is that Rhian standing up and hugging me, like it will calm me down, when actually made it worst, hahaha! Sorry Rhi. I returned to my seat like I was drained from head to foot. And do you think it stopped there!? No! hahaha! We were able to meet her before she left and she made beso that made me stunned again! But I said to myself, girl wake up! This is your chance to take a photo with her again! So I did!

I went back home accomplished and happy, like the world is suddenly bright again. Whenever I see her posts, I will smile at some corner, wherever I am (even malls!). But what can I do, I am hooked. Then another opportunity came to me, Rhian went to Subic for a shoot, so here I am, looking at the tweets about her and where she is last spotted. I even looked at the map and trace the few kilometers that is standing between us. So after how many hesitations, I made up my mind, I ask the Admins and go to Subic not knowing what will happen to me. What will I do? What will I say? Yes this is the third time, but I still don’t know how will I approach her. It’s driving me crazy and my nervousness is up to my throat. So I waited at the place where I’m suppose to meet her. The plan was, get in, take a pic, sign the mag and get out… Well that didn’t go according to plan.

Well as much as I want to elaborate what happened in Subic let’s just say that it’s one of the most unforgettable moments in my life. Never had I dreamed to talk to her (well, I dreamed but never intentionally) and know the Rhian that is not in front of camera. Everything she says and everything she does at that time is like burning a CD in my head, every detail that I needed to know about her, what she wants, what she likes and even a glimpse of her dreams. That time all I want is to make her relaxed after the tiring shoot she had all day. Everything that I want, I held back, even the fact that I might faint when I see her, I also successfully overcome hahaha! So every good thing must come to an end, we said good bye and went home happy again.

So do you think it stops there? You are wrong. I told you opportunity keeps coming my way. I decided to go to her mall shows for Silong, supposedly I want to do it on weekends but schedules did not permit, so my free day is Monday, my decision is so strong that I forgot that my car is coding that day!... Rhian had 3 mall shows, first stop is the Fisher Mall then San Lazaro and Fairview Terraces. I went to the 1st 2 shows but didn’t make it in Fairview, because the traffic was so heavy, I’m still on coding time and its raining that I might get tired and not make it back to the province. Plus there was an offer to me, that if opportunity permits at ABS, I might see her during her taping for A&A. But if its not meant to be, I will gladly go back home, since I already saw her. Or so I thought…

Not until I crossed the electronic bar of ABS did I assure myself that I will see Rhian. But just in case, I bought her favorite in McDonalds that I specifically ask from the kitchen. I was very excited to give it to her because during our talk in Subic this is the specific topic that stuck in my head. So there I was waiting for her, and when she finally arrived I handed the paper bag that contain the surprise from me, which I know, she knew what it contained but not exactly haha! So she opened the bag and take it out, she sensed that it was heavy, well its not the typical Fillet-o-Fish I tell you that.

She said “Bakit to mabigat?” she was smiling and hurriedly opened it, “Ay nako alam ko na to!” oh really? Hahaha, I thought. Then she was expecting it to be double decker Fillet-o-Fish just like the one in Thailand that she told me about. But no, because it is not my intention to only give two, when in fact that I made it three deck is because I noticed that she didn’t eat the bun. The other two fillets should represent the bun, but the kitchen crew did not follow my instructions and still added the bun, so it became triple decker. Then she thought that it’s only two, when she lift it up she saw three and she was so shocked and happy that she didn’t eat it until she could take a proper picture of it. I was glad that she liked it, that before we went home, she even thanked me for that, when I totally forgot about it.

The next day, when my life was back to normal and I was still under slept, bad mood, sored throat and my head is somewhat floating all morning. She tweeted about the Fillet-o-Fish and she even mentions my name. But what surprised me is that its her dream to have a triple decker Fillet-o-Fish, but I guess no one bothered to give it like that, I just want to make her happy. It became my eye opener, for a person like me, who always thought about what can make a special person happy and after 5 years still made me feel like I’m not enough and not introduced to people. But Rhian, I only gave her a burger, but she shout it out to her 1.3M followers, that’s how appreciated I felt, that’s how important it is to me. And that’s how important Rhian Ramos in my life.


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